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Faith Defender Ministries first goal is to Reach, inform and train the youth in our nation and other nations to successfully debate the arguments that attack the Christian faith, turning the tide of kids leaving the faith when they leave home. Teaching others the truth, so their faith is protected with a strong shield by crushing the lies with facts, science and logic. Most importantly, Training people how to use that knowledge in the real world to protect and save others. The second goal is to equip people with simple, effective tactics to fulfill the Great Commission that Jesus gave us to reach the world for Him.



Luke Miiller

Hello World Changers,


As a kid in elementary school, I was brought to tears by the thought of people going to hell because no one shared the truth of the Gospel with them. When I reached high school, I learned about the devastating effect that common attacks against the younger generations was having. These facts sent me into a mild depression, where I just sat in my room feeling powerless to do anything. I went to my parents and said someone has to do something. They responded with "What are YOU going to do?"

I went on a quest to learn why kids were walking away from the faith, and at the same time addressed my own doubts. I listened to arguments and debates and read book after book from some of the very best atheists and apologists of our time. In the end, I found that the TRUTH, LOGIC and SCIENCE are on the side of Christianity. 

As I continued to learn, I jumped into discussions with non-believers and let's say that the early results did NOT go as planned. My friends and I got crushed by some well-armed atheists. I had never even heard of the Flying Spaghetti Monster argument or the "Invisible Grandpa in the Sky." I lost some very embarrassing and public battles. It was then that I began to learn the difference between head knowledge and experience. Using head knowledge to gain experience in a safe environment is a key to success for when real conversations happen.

Here are a few keys:

  1. Believers need to understand the basic atheistic arguments that are used against Christianity and learn a few simple arguments to successfully win about 80-90% of those conversations.

  2. Weak Christians and agnostics (people on the fence) are just waiting to see a Christian who can actually stand up for what they believe by using science, logic and evidence. 

  3. You can be that person - the one who stands up and changes lives.

When I began to train teens, I hoped that what I had to share would make a difference. To be honest, I wasn't prepared for what happened. After only the second training a high school student came up to me and was excited to say that she had literally used my first lesson to defeat one of the biggest atheists in her school. He was literally speechless after her response. Kids even diagramed out a very profound proof for God made simple on the whiteboard during study hall for their teacher and classmates in a public school.  They didn't need a theology degree or 5 syllable words - just a heart to step out with the truth they learned. Student after student has told me that their faith in God has risen dramatically after training.


It made me want to cry. Teens have so much power to impact their world and they just need a few simple tools to make it happen. I have been honored to train teens, college students and adults. I want to go where God opens doors for me to go.

One of the questions I get asked the most is, "What denomination are you from?" The truth is that in my heart I don't subscribe to any denomination because I believe the world needs Jesus, not religion. Think about it this way, Bible verses mean nothing to an atheist because they don't believe in the Bible. I have done everything in my power to strip out every bit of theology out of this message because we have to defend our faith on their terms. That literally means that we do this without doctrine, which I'll leave to the pastors and youth leaders. :)

In closing, I want to encourage you. 50-75% of churched teens are leaving the faith, but there is HOPE. The tools are simple and effective and young adults WANT TO KNOW how to defend their faith. They are hungry for proof that their Christian parents were right. A movement is forming and we are at a critical time when this matters more than ever. Our teens want to change the world, and we can help them do that.


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