I understand that people are sometimes nervous about bringing others in to talk to their youth. Due to this fact, I wanted to share what others have said about the training I have made available through the youth groups, apologetics activations and sermons I have done as well as my book and curriculum set. Together we can reverse the trend of 2 of 3 youth leaving the faith. Instead, I want to see all our youth in a vibrant relationship with God, confident in sharing their faith and bringing people to Christ. 
I need YOUR help to do that.

Note: I will not share pictures or videos showing the face of young adults under the age of 18 without written permission from the teen and their parents. 


What People Are Saying About Why Do You Believe?

From the Youth

From Pastors & Youth Leaders

From Parents & Adults

Amazon Reviews - WHY DO YOU BELIEVE?


jenny - Youth Pastors take note!

Luke Miiller does a great job of explaining how to defend your faith. He has done his research and comes at apologetics with a fresh, fun way to grasp the concepts. Would love to see this book read by all teenagers before they head off to college. So many people that claim to be Christians don't really know why they believe what they believe. This book shows there is TRUTH in Christianity.


Connie Dawson, PhD
- This book will arm you to defend your faith!

"Why Do you Believe? A Practical Guide to Defending Your Faith" by Luke Miiller is an excellent, easy to read, and engaging apologetic of the Christian faith. While it is very practical and valuable for youth pastors, I highly recommend it for Christians of all ages. In our world, where our Christian beliefs are being called into question, all believers need to be able to defend their faith. This book will arm you, in a practical way, to fight the good fight of faith. Get it, read it, and share it!


rpony - The perfect book to defend your faith!

Why Do You Believe? A Practical Guide to Defending Your Faith provides clear, positive advice for a Christian when defending his/her faith. It discusses tactful ways to convince the agnostic individual that God is real and offers serious strategies when he/she is confronted by an atheist. Read how Luke Miiller uses science and the Big Bang to prove God created our world and how you can give argument to those who question Christianity. This easy-to-read book is filled with examples, discussion, and citations. My favorite quote included in the book is, “The more I study science, the more I believe in God.” – Albert Einstein. I am using this book as a discussion tool with my grandchildren! Awesome Book!


RED - well thought out

This book surprised me. It is reader friendly yet full of detail. Mr Miiller was able to generate situations that are common among young Christians and those who question Christianity. His style is fresh and he approaches every situation with passion and well thought out arguments. I am a72 years old pastor and shared this book with my friends. I am buying a third copy as two of my friends requested the copies that I already purchased.


Andrew L. Hayner - Clear. Concise. Interesting. Accurate.

This is a great little guide to help believers defend their faith. It tackles just about everything and does it in a way that is engaging, interesting, and easy to understand.


Kristi Kirk - Awesome tool and resource

Loved this book! What an incredible tool that will help believers defend their faith. This book examines typical questions that believers encounters and is filled with encouragement and truth!! This is such a powerful resource for college ministries and youth ministries! I sincerely hope that this is read by many!! Awesome find!!