The revolutionary training used by one youth to confront and win against one of the toughest atheists in school.

As young adults in the 21st century, faith in God is being attacked from EVERY direction. Social media, friends, teachers, school books, movies, video games, the news, music...Everywhere we turn, ANTI-FAITH arrows are targeting our faith, opening the door to doubt leading the majority of youth to leave their faith. The arguments are compelling, and our youth can't answer their own doubts. They are powerless to go on the offensive against the hatred toward God that fills our society.  

Youth who have grown up going to church, led youth to Christ and held positions of leadership in youth group are simply leaving it all. Why? Because they never knew why they believed. They never knew how to crush their doubts with truth.

"But I have faith. Isn't that enough?"

Faith is necessary, but Faith PLUS Answers to the tough questions leads to a solid believe system.

My own doubts led me to find out if what my parents told me all those years was actually true. I needed to know for myself, because the doubts had led me to a point where I was at a crossroads. I needed answers. The answers I found changed my life. I wanted to give others the truth that changed everything for me. That's why I wrote Why Do You Believe?


After people started reading my book, I received requests for a more in-depth training that could be even more immersive for youth, young adults, and even homeschoolers. Combined, this curriculum is not some sugar coated, brain dead, feel-good fluff, BUT real life training that has been transformational and gets results. The result is doubt-crushing assurance and confidence that the God of the Bible and Christianity is truth.

Learning + Doing = Transformation

Do you know how to answer these questions from an atheist?

  • No God exists. There is no proof!

  • How do you know your God is the right one? Have you disproven all the other gods?

  • How can the Bible be the Word of God if there are so many contradictions in it?

  • Didn’t the God of the Old Testament murder women and children? And you say He’s good and loving?

If you can’t answer these questions, doubt can creep in and challenge your faith. This curriculum contains these answers and more. Beyond that, students implement role-playing exercises to force them to apply what they learned.

Knowing the answers and Practicing your response yields an impenetrable belief system. 

This book set is filled with exercises that families can do together to build their faith. Learn how to counter some of the toughest atheist attacks through role-playing, in-depth conversation and using simple, solid answers that are used by some of the top apologists of our time, all within the safety of your home or group.  

The mission is to equip our youth to be strong, confident believers who are ready and able to make a case for God and not only stay true, but reach others.

- Book​​


Why Do You Believe: A Practical Guide to Defending Your Faith


50-70% of teens who are regular church attenders in high school will leave their faith completely by the time they finish college. These are great kids who are going to church camps and youth groups. They go to Bible studies and hang out with Christian friends. What happens between high school and college graduation?

The answer is simple. They didn’t know Why They Believed. They didn’t OWN IT.

Many believe that faith and quoting a few Bible verses is enough, but the statistics say otherwise. Faith mixed with scientific facts, logic, evidence and proof are the solid ground needed in a world that is hostile to believers in Jesus Christ.

In this book is all the armor and ammunition you need to OWN and DEFEND your faith using science, logic and evidence. You will not only survive the post-high school years, but thrive. You’ll enjoy the peace that comes from knowing your God is the one and only true God. You will know Why You Believe.


- Study Guide


Why Do You Believe: The Study Guide is the companion to the book, Why Do You Believe.

Combined, these resources form a robust training program built to convert head knowledge into practical, hard-hitting belief in God that cannot be shaken. With 16 weeks of material, Why Do You Believe: The Study Guide is a fun yet challenging resource for serious Bible study groups, homeschool curriculum, youth groups or family study for parents and their teens.

Learning + Doing = Transformation

Students read, watch videos, engage in conversations, and challenge everything they have ever known to truly know Why They Believe.


- Answer Key


This is the Answer Key that accompanies the Why Do You Believe? study guide.


This Key is optional but highly recommended for leaders and teachers of this course.